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Entrepreneurs will be taught to fight corruption in the management system

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Business needs help to review risks and minimize losses, experts say

A regional training seminar on new versions of international standards on management systems was held in Taldykorgan. The training is organized by the regional department of the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology, the branch of the Kazakhstani Institute for Standardization and Certification and the Chamber of Entrepreneurs for representatives of enterprises participating in the Industrialization Map of the regional business support map, export-oriented enterprises.

The seminar addressed topical issues of international standards. According to Gulmady Karimova, head of the unit of Standardization of the Office of Methodology, Registration of Standardization Documents of the Kazakhstani Institute for Standardization and Certification, business needs help in order to review risks and minimize losses. For this purpose, the state annually conducts educational activities.

 "Today, we talk about risk management, raise questions on the implementation of ISO 31000, explain the structure, process and infrastructure of risk management, how to monitor risk management. In addition, much attention is paid to combating bribery in the management system, managing anti-corruption measures", - Gulmaida Karimova said. According to the expert-auditor, anti-corruption measures help to reduce administrative barriers on the domestic and foreign markets.

Bibigul Omarova, expert on certification of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty region, speaks that the management system is implemented in 758 enterprises, 46 of them represent large business, 226 average, and 486 small ones. About 30 enterprises are export-oriented.

A large percentage of implemented systems accounts for construction - 287 enterprises, food production, including beverages and tobacco - 46, light industry - 27, agriculture - 17 and 350 enterprises providing services. Improving the system of technical regulation and moving to the generally accepted world standards remains one of the key areas for business", - the expert of the Chamber emphasized. At the end of the seminar, the seminar participants received certificates.

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